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List and comparison of various webapps packaging, with the aim at finding commonalities and differencies to create a directory structure compatible with a largest set of deployment targets. (Possibly if there are uncompatible directory structures between two deployment targets, it will be up to the developer to choose what target s/he prefers.)


  • Status: W3C Candidate Recommandation
  • Specification: http://www.w3.org/TR/html5/
  • Package:
    • Extension:
    • MIME type:
    • Format:
    • Manifest: *.appcache
  • Cache manifest:
    • Extension: .appcache
    • MIME type: text/cache-manifest
    • Format: text

Packaged Web Apps (Widgets)

  • Status: W3C Recommandation
  • Specification: http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/
  • Directory structure:
    Reserved File Names Table
    file nametypereserved for purpose
    config.xmlfileConfiguration document
    icon.pngfileDefault icon
    icon.giffileDefault icon
    icon.jpgfileDefault icon
    icon.icofileDefault icon
    icon.svgfileDefault icon
    index.htmlfileDefault start file
    index.htmfileDefault start file
    index.svgfileDefault start file
    index.xhtmlfileDefault start file
    index.xhtfileDefault start file
    localesfolderContainer for localized content
  • Package:
    • Extension: .wgt
    • MIME type: application/widget
    • Format: ZIP file
    • Manifest: config.xml (see specification)

Firefox OS / Firefox Apps

  • Status: Industry specification
  • Documentation: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Apps/Quickstart
  • Directory structure:
    Reserved File Names Table
    file nametypereserved for purpose
    manifest.webappfileManifest document
    index.htmlfileDefault start file
  • Package:
    • Format: Web hosting or ZIP file
    • Manifest: manifest.webapp (see documentation)

Manifest for web apps and bookmarks

  • Status: W3C Working Draft
  • Working draft: http://www.w3.org/TR/appmanifest/
  • Package:
    • Extension: N/A
    • MIME type: N/A
    • Format: N/A
    • Manifest: *
    • Manifest fetching method: <link ref="manifest" href="..." />
  • Manifest:
    • Extension: .json, .manifest
    • MIME type: application/manifest+json
    • Format: JSON

Opera 14-

  • Status: Industry specification (deprecated)
  • Package:
    • Extension: .oex
    • Format: ZIP file

Chromium / Opera 15+

  • Status: Industry specification
  • Documentation Opera: https://dev.opera.com/extensions/
  • Package:
    • Extension: .nex
    • MIME type:
    • Format: ZIP file
    • Manifest: manifest.json
  • Manifest:
    • Filename: manifest.json
    • Format: JSON

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